im avery. they/them preferrably but she is fine, i dont really care how people refer to me. i feel like im kinda boring but ill try and write some stuff.

i only found neocities a few months ago and i already love the friendly atmosphere here and how unique the people are. its one of the only places on the web where you have completely free creative expression and arent limited to the same bland format. i never experienced the myspace/geocities era of the internet (although i wish i did) so this is probably the closest ill ever get to that kind of thing. plus its a good way to learn a skill i never thought id be interested in.

i like having a little place where i can broadcast the weird thoughts that happen to pass through my brain to the entire world. i can be myself without fear of restrictions.

i was the weird warrior cat girl you vaguely knew in primary school but nobody talked to. i am fully aware i am cringe and i embrace it. hope you enjoy the site.

(im also autistic. ifeel like thats important)