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hello and welcome to my little digital playground! this is just a space where i can dump my thoughts and freely express myself and stuff. i've been trying to learn html and css for a few months now and im slowly but surely getting better. bear in mind though that this site is not very stable

i mainly made this site because i despise modern social media. it sucks. i'd always admired the websites i'd spend my time scrolling through when i was younger, but i never really had the skills to make one myself. then one day i got incredibly overconfident and convinced myself i could make a website. thus isopodz was born.

(this site is in no way mobile optimised but im working on that. it also may look goofy on any browser besides firefox so good luck)

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  • 06/06/23: impulsively changed the entire layout/color scheme of the site again,,,,, (also happy pride mont h :))
  • 28/05/23: made a favicon (finally)
  • 27/05/23: took a bit of a break from this site but im back and i somehow decided it would be a good idea to make a new layout
  • 20/03/23: finished the blog page!! ive been putting it off for months so its good to finally get it done
  • 17/02/23: learned how media queries work and the site actually looks somewhat presentable on mobile now
  • 11/02/23: changed the entire layout again. may have broken the site a bit but it looks fine
  • 01/02/23: cleaned up css a little, homepage has Images now
  • 17/01/23: added header, rewrote about page
  • 12/01/23: general housekeeping + archive page
  • 06/01/23: tweaked the layout a little and made it (slightly) more responsive
  • 18/12/22: tidied up css
  • 10/12/22: finally got around to making a new button! its mediocre but i tried. graphic design is my passion
  • 09/12/22: added about page
  • 07/12/22: fully fleshed out the new layout for the site and rewrote the homepage, not all pages are fully functional yet but im updating things as i go. this is the first layout i've fully coded myself (!!) and i'm pretty proud of it :)
  • 04/12/22: started working on a layout ive had planned out for a while
  • 03/12/22: added some more sites to the links page (i should probably start writing regular updates)
  • 05/08/22: site created
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  • fix my crusty dusty month old css
  • update all pages to the new layout/color scheme/idk
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