welcome to my personal heck
my little corner of the internet. i made this site because im tired of the limitations and addictive nature of social media and i wanted a break from the endless barrage of ads and poor customisation the current web allows you.

i also remember wishing i had my own website as a kid, i've been on the web since a (probably too) young age and i always wanted the kind of creative outlet a website gives you. i never had the skills to actually do it though so one day i just decided to sit down and learn html. and now im here. whats this?

(this site isnt mobile optimised yet, ive mainly been using firefox so it might look goofy on other browsers. im also in the process of remaking the whole thing so itll take a while for all the pages to be updated. fingers crossed it actually works this time)

  • 20/03/23: finished the blog page!! ive been putting it off for months so its good to finally get it done
  • 17/02/23: learned how media queries work and the site actually looks somewhat presentable on mobile now
  • 11/02/23: changed the entire layout again. may have broken the site a bit but it looks fine
  • 01/02/23: cleaned up css a little, homepage has Images now
  • 17/01/23: added header, rewrote about page
  • 12/01/23: general housekeeping + archive page
  • 06/01/23: tweaked the layout a little and made it (slightly) more responsive
  • 18/12/22: tidied up css
  • 10/12/22: finally got around to making a new button! its mediocre but i tried. graphic design is my passion
  • 09/12/22: added about page
  • 07/12/22: fully fleshed out the new layout for the site and rewrote the homepage, not all pages are fully functional yet but im updating things as i go. this is the first layout i've fully coded myself (!!) and i'm pretty proud of it :)
  • 04/12/22: started working on a layout ive had planned out for a while
  • 03/12/22: added some more sites to the links page (i should probably start writing regular updates)
  • 05/08/22: site created
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